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The Difference

We have a background in the more common chiropractic spinal adjusting approaches. However, we prefer to use specific, low force, patient-neutral adjusting in our office. This means NO TWISTING, POPPING OR CRACKING! I use methods I feel are the safest and most effective ways to get a patient healthy in a manner congruent with the body’s needs. 


In Branchburg we’ve employed objective testing (outcome measures) to make certain we’re achieving your goals since 1999. 
My studies in the Upper Cervical spine allow me to effectively address the nerve system at its most critical and vulnerable area. Data is flooding the field suggesting that spinal distortions in the Upper Cervical spine can have profound and life altering effects on a patient. Whether it is cancer, low back or a toe problem, we address the complex upper cervical spine/brain stem region to make certain this area operates normally. If your nerve system is compromised, your health is compromised.  
This is an approach to not only get you healthy, but keep you healthy!






























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