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What is chiropractic?


 Chiropractic is a separate and distinct health care paradigm. My pathway towards health is different. This difference is behind some confusion. Chiropractic applies the natural sciences to healthcare. The Law of Homeostasis states: Health is the body’s natural state. When the body is not healthy, I ask “why”? Does a body become ill because it lacks something “unnatural” like a drug or surgery? Does sickness result from medication deficiencies? Is the cause of pain a lack of Advil? No. I work to correct nerve system issues that prevent the body from producing its natural state; health. You don’t “catch” something to become unhealthy; you lack something essential preventing your body from revealing the natural state of health.

Do I always have to go to the chiropractor?


Do you have to exercise, eat right, floss, go to church, be happy, not smoke, etc? We are all capable of making our own decisions. When a patient considers our care, we discuss health goals and then help in achieving those goals. Once my patients are well-informed of all chiropractic can offer, many incorporate our care into their life as you would exercise or good eating. Only from complete information can a sound decision arise.

People use chiropractic for life even when pain-free? 


Pain or “how you feel” is a poor indicator of health status. Cancer, cavities, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke all devastate silently. 50% of heart disease patients have death as a first symptom. Only 13% of nerves report pain. “By the time the smoke alarm goes off, your house is already damaged”.

Some choose chiropractic to just treat pain. Yet in its totality chiropractic is more analogous to exercise, dentistry, eating right and any positive addition (process) to our lifestyle. Meaning, best results come from long-term exercise, eating right, dentistry and chiropractic. Unlike drugs, healthy people greatly benefit from proper, lifetime chiropractic. (This is supported by studies) Life and health are a process, not an event. Therefore, many of our patients come to understand chiropractic as a vital addition to a wellness plan. Life can not be fully expressed with a compromised nervous system…the big picture is that simple.

Why do children go to your office? 


With no neck-twisting cracking or popping, parents feel very comfortable with our care. Most importantly, a child’s nerve system is subject to stress just like adults. Many children (including my daughter) are damaged during the birth process. Most others from the 2500 falls they’ll experience just learning to walk! 

My 3 children have been checked and adjusted when indicated since birth. Not because of pain. If I find subluxation/nerve pressure in a child, it would greatly benefit the body to clear that nerve damage. The nervous system controls everything. How can a child develop with nerve system tension? The problems of tomorrow always start today.

What does chiropractic “treat”?


Treatment is a medical term to diagnose one of the 20,000 known issues and then treat that condition. (A big fault of medicine…treating the condition; not the patient.) Chiropractic does not really treat anything! (Let that settle…) I work with the body. I’m not concerned with treating the effect a body exhibits when it is malfunctioning. I’m interested in the why? The cause! “Treating” a flat tire is constantly putting air in a tire. The “effect” is the flat. The “cause” is the nail in the tread. If you want to heal an effect, you better address a cause. If your nerve system is malfunctioning because of spinal subluxation and the nerve system is the body’s master system, what drug, therapy, surgery or vitamin can correct this internal bio-mechanical derangement?  

Why are some medical doctors anti-chiropractic?

Fortunately, most MD’s who graduated after 1990 are open-minded and accept the limitations and dangers of drugs and surgery. (Quietly the AMA concedes medicine is the 3rd leading cause of death in America) When I’ve encountered medical professionals with anti-chiropractic bias, I always ask: “what do they know about chiropractic that I’ve missed in over 6000 hours of school and 20 years of practice?” Without fail, the answer is…nothing! Such individuals know nothing of chiropractic. They’ve just inherited someone’s opinion. Prior to 1990, the AMA had inculcated most medical students against chiropractic. A 1987 Federal court ruling ended that practice. Chiropractic has been around since 1895, is licensed in all 50 states, covered by insurance and Medicare. My approach is to restore health. Any approach that keeps people healthy is a threat to the AMA. Until the 1964 Surgeon General’s Report on smoking, the AMA promoted smoking in advertising! Why should the AMA embrace any practice that can keep people healthy? Sick people have made the AMA very powerful! Beware the motives of any industry that makes money on the sick. What is their incentive towards a healthy population?

Can I Afford Care?

 We accept most major Non-HMO insurances. In 2010, the average American family (2.5 people) spent $2700 on entertainment, $500 on alcohol and $2700 on take out/restaurant food (and $6100 on groceries). Ultimately, affording my care comes down to your priorities, value and understanding. What if your pain is a health problem caused by a nerve system blockage in the spine? What if the kids have a nerve system issue and no symptoms? All you experience in life happens thru your nerve system. You can not be healthy if your nerve system is compromised. I can care for a family for one year at the cost of a daily Starbucks over a year. The focus in my office is restoring and maintaining your health. With pre-tax, flex-spending HRA money, plus the tax deductions, the cost of care is not an issue. Is health a priority and what is its value?

See for more information on affordable care for those with no insurance or limited insurance.

Don’t talk yourself out of health.

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