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Legal drugs: the gateway to illegal?

I practice in New Jersey; the Mecca of Big Pharma. Ironically much of my practice is supported by Big Pharma because so many NJ residents directly or indirectly live indoors via Big Pharma income. (Guess why NJ is the only state with mandatory flu shots? think the unions have power…if BigPharma could get away with Prozac in cereal, Trenton would personally frost the flakes.) Recently I consulted with a 20-ish female suffering for 4 months with headaches. After MRI’s and a medical work up, all they could find was muscle spasm in her neck. My profession deals with muscle spasm (w/o drugs, unless its New Mexico) in our sleep. But I digress. Here is the medical answer that was acceptable to this young woman and society at large…”the spasms are causing the headaches and the spasms are from stress” Welcome to NJ. Stress is part of the state motto. This isn’t unusual. Anti-axiety and anti stress drugs are the nations top sellers. If you read  Gwen Olsen’s book you will see children are the “emerging market” for Big Pharma…get ’em now, keep ’em for life.So how should we deal with stress…Paxil and Xanax. At times, there is a proper need for these medications. But is this how we teach a young, single woman to deal with stress? Wait till the kids, marriage and mortgage come, what than? What if she chooses to handle stress by taking someones else Rx drugs for her “condition”? What if she chooses to take alcohol or marijuana to deal with her condition? Do we then judge? Does her body know what drug is Rx’d or not, acceptable or not, legal or illegal? Why not take something from Mom’s medicine cabinet before the big date, exam or dance recital. NJ is home to Pharma Partys. Teenagers raid Mom and Dad’s medicine cabinets and trade Rx drugs. Oxcycontin, Percocet, Xanax, Paxil, Ritalin.  Life’s answers, we are being told, are out of our control. We need something. we are missing something. we need to be sold something to make our body and minds right. I don’t and won’t buy it. Do you?


What Wellness is not

Many of the leading drug store chains have started including “health and wellness” in their marketing. Walgreens has listed Tylenol and cold medicine as wellness products. Is wellness a commodity? If so, is it concocted by a pharmacist or found on the shelf in a drug store? Its one thing to treat the symptoms of a cold or hangover. Don’t fall for the pitch that “more drugs make you more healthy.”

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Can I afford care?


Ultimately, it comes down to your priorities, value and understanding of what I “really” do. Do I just “treat” neck and back pain? If so, drugs (if you’re ok w/ the side effects) are a cheaper option. What if your ‘pain’ is a health problem caused by a nerve system issue in the spine? What if you or the kids have a nerve system issue and no symptoms? You are not healthy if your nerve system is compromised. I can care for a family of 6 for one year at the cost of one workday Starbucks over a year. The issue in my office is restoring your health. Is health a priority and what is its value? Don’t talk yourself out of health.

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