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Who do you call?

May 8, 2013

Dr. James Chestnut uses the following analogy to describe the role providers play in the America health care system. Medicine (Allopathy) was created for and excels in crisis care intervention. Meaning, if you’re hit by a car, get cancer, drop a quart of blood, allopathy is the best system to save your life. However, is it the best system or approach in maintaining or enhancing health? The American medical system, allopathy, is the fire department. You call the fire department ONLY to deal with a crisis. Would you call the fire department to come daily to water your house? After a fire, would you call the FD to come back and repair your house? Our health care system is ineffective and inefficient because we ask the “fire department” to do more than it was designed for. 

The tools of the FD are axes and hoses. Would you use either to repair or enhance your house before or after a fire? The “tools” of medicine are drugs and surgery. Although at times necessary (crisis), do drugs and surgery create health? Are the healthiest people on the most drugs? Therefore, how can we possibly expect to consult with an MD if our goals are to create, maintain and enhance health?

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes a person to die.”

“Chiropractic is the study of life and what causes a person to live”.


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