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Do I always have to go?

April 8, 2013

Although I’ve addressed this on my website , it always pops up as an issue for some (men!) getting under care. “Once you go to a chiropractor, you always have to go” The bulk of my practice has been under my care for 5 years or longer. And to my knowledge, I’ve never once forced someone in at gunpoint. I don’t call, send emails or track people down to reschedule and “keep ’em coming back”. I do something better: educate. First, my care is more analogous to a gym membership or other healthy lifestyle habits. MY chiropractic IS NOT A FORM OF MEDICAL TREATMENT. I care for the body; not the condition. I address the cause; not the effect. I see the person; not the diagnosis. I educate patients to think of my care as adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Meaning; flossing, exercising, healthy eating habits pay best dividends when they are a regular part of your life. My care can help any individual get healthier and stay that way. Medicine seeks to get you “a little less sick”. I seek to restore function to the nerve system and thereby let the body do its job…keep you as healthy as possible! You can stay under care “til your better” and then leave or you can stay under care and stay healthy!


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