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Greatest Benefit?

March 25, 2013

On this snowy spring day here in Branchburg NJ, I’m watching the story of a man younger than myself, who is in need of a hip replacement. It has me thinking; what has 30 years of chiropractic care helped me to prevent or avoid? (Hip replacement can have a number of “why’s?”. But when replacing just ONE hip, can it ever be “old age”? The other hip is just as old!)

Since being under chiropractic care, I have never again battled bronchitis, my low back “going out”, seasonal allergies, or GERD. Hell, my vision even slightly improved after 10 years of constantly getting worse! I’ve taken 1 course of antibiotics since March 1987 and the amount of ALL medication in that time I can count on a hand. But what did the last 25 + years of chiropractic help me to prevent or avoid? I had a horrible low back from 12 to 19 years old. Did I avoid multiple back surgeries? Perhaps a dependence on pain medication? The resultant kidney, liver and stomach damage from such long-term medication usage? The HBP and heart disease that also results from pain medication? Hip or knee replacement from an unbalanced spine? (they go hand-in-hand with low back problems.) Did staying out of the American medical system (3rd leading cause of death), keep me alive? What path did I avoid that chiropractic saved me from?

In 1992, fresh from Palmer Chiropractic College, I headed to Atlanta GA to associate in a clinic that was opened in 1923. The first patient I met was an 82 year-old retired detective. I introduced myself and asked how he was doing. He replied: “I’m doing well. I’m always doing well. I’m doing so good, I don’t know why I’m here.” Now he had my attention. He proceeded, “Son, sit down and I’ll tell you why I’m here.” “I’ve been coming to this clinic since 1942.” Today, I awoke in my home. Cooked myself breakfast. Drove myself here and when I leave, I’ll play a round of golf and go home to cook my supper.” The reason I can do all that at 82, Dr O’Neill, is because I’ve been coming here since 1942.”

The late Jack Lalanne (chiropractor) who truly lived into his 90’s, said “Most Americans die at 60 and are buried at 75”. Are you on the path to take you where you want to be?


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