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March 19, 2013

At a Somerville NJ function recently, I heard a young mother lament, “I work out 5 days a week, watch what I eat, take supplements, yet I’ve been sick all winter!” I can understand her frustration, but what is missing from this equation? From my perspective, I’d ask, “How do you KNOW you body is functioning well? Meaning, even the people who do little to nothing for their health, is the bar simply set at “how do you feel?”. Many people diagnosed with cancer tomorrow and at the coroners from a heart attack feel great today. My job is monitoring and restoring function to the body’s MASTER SYSTEM, the nervous system! That young mother doing all the “right” things for herself maybe had a malfunctioning nerve system compromising the body’s ability towards its natural state of “ease” or health. Since so little (< than 20%) of the nerve system reports pain, maybe FUNCTIONAL nerves were/are compromised in that young mother. Therefore, is she properly assimilating those supplements? With function compromised, is her exercise program dis-stressful? Simply, proper chiropractic care that focuses on nerve system integrity is vital in any wellness protocol. A properly functioning nerve system not only enhances your wellness routine, it is a MUST if your goal is TRUE WELLNESS


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