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“I dont believe”

March 7, 2013

I heard a ten year old screaming recently at a basketball event, “chiropractors wreck your spine!”. Of course junior must have heard this in the home. The most interesting aspect was this family is part of a culture that has faced prejudice, bigotry and discrimination for 1000 years. Yet they found this bias acceptable? Its not just “an opinion” right? Racial, cultural and religious bigotry is still just opinion? It is ignorant and malicious and stunts societal growth. Why? Because by definition any prejudice is the adherence of a belief without investigation; frankly it avoids investigation. Its the inheritance of someone elses opinion. Its dogmatic and ignorant. NEVER have I received an explanation, even from medical doctors, that explained the “why” behind “I don’t believe in chiropractic”. That’s the point. There is never logic behind prejudice…only ignorance. You don’t have to exercise or belong to a gym, but because you choose not to you can’t say exercise is useless and you don’t believe. Chiropractic has been licensed and recognized for over 100 years. The schools receive federal student aid and NIH research grants. Chiropractic is licensed across the globe and eligible for insurance and Medicare reimbursement and millions more pay out of pocket for care. Yet some choose to not only “disbelieve” but espouse their bigotry and prejudice to others and their children….I see why the Latin root of the word “doctor” is teacher.


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